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I am making a contract with the people of New Jersey to be the most accessible, transparent, and accountable Member of Congress. I pledge to always put the people of New Jersey first, and I will fight to make sure that the core unit of our democracy is the citizen, not the dollar sign.

 Accessible: I will commit to holding at least one in-person town hall every single month.  These will rotate through every township in the district. 

➜ Transparent: I will be a champion for campaign finance reform that sheds a light on the “dark money” corrupting our political system.

 Accountable:  I pledge not to accept a dime from corporate PACs because I believe in a government that focuses on people, not corporations.

Campaign Finance Reform:  Among the very first bills I will seek to introduce in Congress will be to reform the negative influences of money in our politics.  We need to fight against dark money that allows millions of dollars to pour into our elections without requiring disclosures of donors.  We need to find more ways to allow to encourage public financing and other tools so Americans don’t need to be millionaires in order to run.  We also want to explore the use of matching contributions and other steps to empower grassroots supporters and ensure they have a voice.

Fight Against Corruption in Washington:  Our leaders should absolutely be held to the highest of standards.  Corruption, harassment of any kind, abuse of power, fraud, and other concerns must not be tolerated.  I will work to put into place strict rules and tough enforcement.

End Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression: Voters should choose their politicians instead of politicians choosing their voters.  Elected officials should never be involved in drawing political lines, and all states should have a bipartisan/nonpartisan approach to redistricting.  It is also vital to ensure we work to stop voter suppression. I will do everything I can working with government agencies and grassroots organizations to make that a reality.

We can only change Congress by changing the types of people we elect.  Our country is led by people like Tom MacArthur who are out of touch with the struggles that Americans face to pay their bills, provide for their families, and save for retirement.  We must do better.

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