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FOR OUR COUNTRY: Serving the American People. Not Corporations.

I am leading the fight against corruption and gerrymandering while pushing for strong campaign finance reform. I will continue to be the most accessible, transparent, and accountable Member of Congress. And I am leading the charge for an American foreign policy that reflects our commitment to truth and justice. READ MORE

FOR YOU: Leading the charge against the coronavirus and the damage done to our economy

I am working every day to ensure the nation’s response to the coronavirus and its economic consequences is as effective as humanly possible by pushing for increases in testing and support for our small businesses, seniors, and veterans. READ MORE

FOR YOUR FAMILY: Supporting and Protecting the American Family

I am a relentless champion for lowering health care and drug costs, fighting the devastating opioid crisis, preparing us for the next Superstorm Sandy and climate change, and keeping our families safe. READ MORE

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