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Of, By, & For the People

As I think about how we can get through the chaotic political division that we face, I've found renewed inspiration in the words that President Lincoln spoke on the battlefield of Gettysburg at a time when our nation was more divided than it is today. Of, By & For the People. Our nation has been through a lot, and our resilience is founded in Lincoln's words. His vision can be a blueprint for us -- an anchor -- to help us find common ground and build a government that serves the people.

OF THE PEOPLE: Serving the American People. Not Corporations

I pledge to be the most accessible, transparent, and accountable Member of Congress. I will fight against corruption, push for strong campaign finance reform, and work to end partisan gerrymandering READ MORE

BY THE PEOPLE: Standing with American Workers, Veterans, and Retirees

American workers deserve to have better-paying jobs, support for small businesses, and the ability to retire with peace of mind. Our military and veterans deserve unwavering support. READ MORE

FOR THE PEOPLE: Supporting and Protecting the American Family

I will be a relentless champion for lowering health care and drug costs, fighting the devastating opioid crisis, preparing us for the next Superstorm Sandy and climate change, and keeping our families safe. READ MORE

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