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My Contract With the People of New Jersey

I am making a contract with the people of New Jersey to be the most accessible, transparent, and accountable Member of Congress.

As a Member of Congress:
  • I commit to holding at least one in-person town hall every month
  • I commit to not to accept a dime from corporate PACs because I believe in a government that focuses on people, not corporations
  • I commit to providing daily reports on what I am working on, who I am meeting with, and how I plan to vote
  • I commit to always putting people before partisan politics

    I'm making these promises because you deserve so much better than the current dysfunction in Washington. For us outside of Washington, politics isn't a game. My wife and I worry weekly if we will be able to save enough to help pay for our kids’ college. My parents often lay awake at night concerned about their retirement savings and health. And I'm fearful that the American dream that gave me so many opportunities will not be there for my two baby boys I'm raising a few miles from where I grew up. I know I'm not the only one up all night worrying.


    I've served my country my entire career, and when I worked in the war zones of Afghanistan, no one asked if I was a Democrat or a Republican. We were all working together focused on one mission: keeping our country safe. As a national security expert, I worked under both Democrats and Republicans, and I believe we need more people in government who are focused on helping our country instead of political games. Let's work together to find real solutions.



As I think about how we can get through the chaotic political division that we face, I've found renewed inspiration in the words that President Lincoln spoke on the battlefield of Gettysburg at a time when our nation was more divided than it is today. Of, By & For the People. Our nation has been through a lot, and our resilience is founded in Lincoln's words. His vision can be a blueprint for us -- an anchor -- to help us find common ground and build a government that serves the people.

OF THE PEOPLE: Serving the American People. Not Corporations

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FOR THE PEOPLE: Supporting and Protecting the American Family

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