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Keeping My Contract With the People of New Jersey

In 2018, I made you a promise to work hard for you. I promised to be the most accessible, transparent, and accountable Member of Congress. I promised to:

  • Hold a town hall every month. I’ve now done over 20 town halls throughout Ocean and Burlington counties with thousands of people attending.
  • Not take support from corporate PACs. I am one of only a handful of Members of Congress from either party to take no contributions from corporate PACs.
  • Provide daily reports for full transparency. I have published a report on my Congressional website of my actions every day.

The promise I’m most proud of keeping is my promise to put people before partisan politics and treating everyone with respect and civility. Whether you voted for me or not, you are my boss and my job is to work for you and your family. The Coronavirus has turned our lives upside down. Thousands of our fellow New Jerseyans have been killed by the virus, and millions have lost their jobs or suffered economically. As we face this collective national security threat, now more than ever we need leadership that focuses on helping people.

A New Promise

Today, I’m making you a new promise. I will do everything I humanly can to help our community get through this crisis. I have been working day and night leading the charge for more testing so you and your family can know if you are healthy or sick and we can begin to re-open our economy. I am working around the clock on the Small Business Committee to look out for your jobs and get our economy back up and running. And I am the only Member of Congress from New Jersey to be on the Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis and I will use this position to direct every resource to those who need it most, rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse wherever it lies.

When I worked in the war zones of Afghanistan, no one asked if I was a Democrat or a Republican. We were all working together focused on one mission: keeping our country safe. As a national security expert, I proudly worked under both Democrats and Republicans, and I believe we need more people in government who are focused on helping our country instead of playing political games.

After two years in Congress, I believe more than ever that we need good hardworking people focused on delivering tangible solutions, working where the rubber hits the road, and injecting some integrity and civility back into our politics. Let's work together to find real solutions.


In my promise to do everything I can to help us get through this crisis and build the foundation for a better future, I think about three essential fights. For each and every one of you, I’m fighting for an effective response to the pandemic to get you healthy, safe, and back to work. For your families, I’m fighting for lower health care and prescription drug costs as well as increased access to care so our system can keep us healthy without breaking the bank. And for this country, I’m fighting to fix the corrupt political system in Washington in order to ensure your voice speaks louder than the special interests, and to restore America’s place in the world as a global leader for good.

FOR YOU: Leading the charge against the coronavirus and the damage done to our economy

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